Portfolio > From Door to Door Kravets Wehby Gallery May 2nd - June 8th, 2024

"Last fall, I started a new series of paintings using Jewish themes and imagery. While I painted, it occurred to me that I had overlooked my heritage and culture for so long within my own art making.
'From Door to Door' is an anglicization of the Hebrew phrase 'L’dor V’dor' which means 'From Generation to Generation,' emphasizing my latest body of work's mission to bridge generations and reimagine a world where these characters endure and flourish.

Witnessing the recent surge in global antisemitism has inspired me to delve into the work of Jewish artists for solace. My research quickly revealed the 'Degenerate Art' exhibition held in 1937 Munich, in which all Jewish artists were officially deemed as 'degenerate' and the concurrent 'Great German Art' exhibition, which prided itself on its 'Aryan, Jew-free purity.' In a move that has characterized my art-making, I took from these Nazi artists, so I could retell and remake their stories using Jewish voices. Chagall, Modigliani, Katz, and Guston are among the Jewish artists I looked to for this collaborative effort."